Black Joy Takes Center Stage In “A Love Like This”

Though things are still pretty strange in theatre land, hope does seem to be on the horizon. Last week, I got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and while I’m still a good while off from my second shot and my immunity, the strict social distancing measures in place at my recent adventure toContinue reading “Black Joy Takes Center Stage In “A Love Like This””

Yearning for Freedom in “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”

What, exactly, makes a thing theatre? That once straightforward question has been turned on its head by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the conventional theatrical experience all but impossible. And though one could make a strong argument for Ich Bin Ein Berliner, the fully produced audio play now available for streaming through Theatre Lab, notContinue reading “Yearning for Freedom in “Ich Bin Ein Berliner””

February Vibez: Cause Theatre Is My Valentine

To say I’ve been haphazard with this blog since the huge theatrical shift that happened in March 2020 is a bit of an understatement. And though I do plan on getting back to reviews and whatnot once more in-person theatre is like, possible, I did want to pop in for a second to talk aboutContinue reading “February Vibez: Cause Theatre Is My Valentine”

A Journey Through Hell With Miami New Drama’s “Seven Deadly Sins”

In a way, I suppose it’s my own sinful nature that saw me impulsively buying a ticket to the second of two opening night performances of Miami New Drama’s deliciously wicked Seven Deadly Sins at near to the last minute. There’s no denying I’m a glutton for theatre, and after a near-nine-month fast, I wasContinue reading “A Journey Through Hell With Miami New Drama’s “Seven Deadly Sins””

Thanksgiving Theatre Thoughts 2.0: Pandemic Edition

So, at about this time last year, I wrote a Thanksgiving post vaguely inspired by my participation in New City Players CitySpeaks storytelling event (don’t bother looking at it now, though—this one is long and winding enough!) The post ended up being more properly about stories and gratefulness in a larger sense, and it alsoContinue reading “Thanksgiving Theatre Thoughts 2.0: Pandemic Edition”

Theatre Meets Podcast In “Little Montgomery”

So it’s been a while. Again. But do not fear, good readers. My disappearance from this realm of theatre-blogging indicates no loss of passion for the matter nor loss of creative energy; I’ve merely decided that that energy would be better spent on other projects given the bizarre state of theatre these days. The quickContinue reading “Theatre Meets Podcast In “Little Montgomery””

Take a Theatrical Trip Through the Solar System This Weekend With “Zeezou’s Stardust Extravaganza”

As devastating as the COVID-19 pandemic has been for South Florida theatre (and most everything else), it’s also had some unexpected but undeniable bright sides — and today, I’m talking super-nova bright. Thanks to Zeezou’s Stardust Extravagnza, the inaugural production of Area Stage’s Miami Queer Theatre Collective (or MQTC), I’ve managed to expand my theatricalContinue reading “Take a Theatrical Trip Through the Solar System This Weekend With “Zeezou’s Stardust Extravaganza””

Isolating Age: On Masks and Madmen in “Phantom of the Opera”

“Do you think all this being in masks is hurting people’s souls?” my mother asked me one day, as we put on ours for a routine trip to the grocery store. How the hell was I to know? I’m a writer, not a theologian. And, on the off chance I do have a soul, IContinue reading “Isolating Age: On Masks and Madmen in “Phantom of the Opera””

Isolating Age: Revisiting Jonathan Larson’s “Rent” In the Time of COVID-19

Though it’s been one of my favorite musicals for over a decade, I don’t think I was actually mature enough to absorb the full emotional impact and nuance of Rent until late this March, when I decided to revisit the musical for the first time in several years. This blast-from-the-past wasn’t just a whim. ThoughContinue reading “Isolating Age: Revisiting Jonathan Larson’s “Rent” In the Time of COVID-19”

South Florida Theatre Is Alive and Well And Living In Cyberspace

While the coronavirus has stopped South Florida theatre artists and aficionados from physically convening, it cannot stop us from creating or connecting. As we adapt to our newly distant lives, we are slowly discovering how to bring our beloved craft to the digital realm, with increasingly exciting results. As artists, it is our duty toContinue reading “South Florida Theatre Is Alive and Well And Living In Cyberspace”