Exploring Intimacy In Some Unique Black Box Productions

Like the Alice who inspired my blog’s name, I can sometimes get very, very, curious, which is why I recently ventured quite a ways off my beaten path to Wilton Manors, a city which has been officially named the “second gayest city in America,” to see a play called “Grindr Mom” by acclaimed gay playwrightContinue reading “Exploring Intimacy In Some Unique Black Box Productions”

Unpleasant Truths On Exhilarating Theatrical Display at “Falling,” and “A Streetcar Named Desire,”

I’d certainly been looking forward to Falling after attending many of the New City Players’ lead up events, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The fast-paced 75-minute show never dragged or faltered, and, as promised, it offered us a rare window into the seldom represented day-to-day life of a family dealing with a severely autistic child.Continue reading “Unpleasant Truths On Exhilarating Theatrical Display at “Falling,” and “A Streetcar Named Desire,””

And Now For Some Community Theatre

My last post was about, among other things, the connection between theatre and the community, and another way that theatre can transform a community is by encouraging and educating its young performers. Thus, I decided to support Sol’s Children’s Theatre by bopping over to its first production of the season, Little Shop of Horrors. GivenContinue reading “And Now For Some Community Theatre”

New City Players’ New Way Of Looking At Theatre’s Purpose

The art of theatre is about a lot more than just what happens onstage. Ideally, it’s also about creating a community and raising the consciousness of that community, and about, in the words of another favorite director, “telling stories that need to be told.” Unfortunately, some theatre companies get so busy with the admittedly overwhelmingContinue reading “New City Players’ New Way Of Looking At Theatre’s Purpose”

Rage and Remembrance In True West and Wiesenthal

The Southeastern Premiere of Wiesenthal seemed as good a theatrical fit as any for my “days of repentance,” the ten days between Jewish holidays Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur that are meant to be a time of intense religious reflection. Presented at Gablestage’s intimate Biltmore Theatre, the show explored the life of famous Nazi-hunter SimonContinue reading “Rage and Remembrance In True West and Wiesenthal”

On Poets, Madmen, and The Wisdom To Know The Difference

This Saturday was another theatre-filled day in Ilana-land! First, I spent most of it at rehearsal! I’m acting again for the first time since undergrad in the upcoming Playwrights’ Festival, which plays on October 26th and 27th at the Delray Beach Playhouse. Four short plays are playing on Saturday night and four different short playsContinue reading “On Poets, Madmen, and The Wisdom To Know The Difference”

Why You Should Actually Go See Actually This Weekend

As enjoyable as my last adventure’s whirlwind of color and excitement had been, Actually by Anna Ziegler as presented by Bob Carter’s Actor’s Workshop and Repertory Company in West Palm Beach was an example of the raw, haunting, heart-stabbing, head-spinning kind of theatre that’s much more my speed. Despite the fact that they only hadContinue reading “Why You Should Actually Go See Actually This Weekend”

Science Fiction Double Feature….

I will proudly plead guilty to being a theatre addict, but seeing two shows in one evening is a little out of the ordinary even for me, though not actually unprecedented! But given a 7:30 showing of When She Had Wings at Florida Atlantic University’s Theatre Lab in Boca Raton and a 10:30 showing ofContinue reading “Science Fiction Double Feature….”